51 Button Jeffries/Carr Anglo Concertina in C/G

This is a beautiful 51 button anglo concertina made by Robert Carr (his signature is on the inside). Carr was one of only two non-family outsourced concertina builders who worked mainly for Jeffries but also for Crabb, Wheatstone and possibly others. Check out this website and do a word search for ‘Carr’:


It is in C/G and has metal (aluminium) ends, steel reeds (concert pitch), riveted action, 7 fold quality bellows, 1.6kg in weight and 160mm across ends. All the insides including reed pans, levers & posts are Jeffries, and most of the reeds are Jeffries with some being from other makers. Ends are probably make by Carr himself.

A really interesting instrument and story, feel free to contact me for more information and photos etc.

Price: £2,500 SOLD

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