Posting instruments – how much does it cost to get an instrument posted to me?

As a general rule, I charge c£15-£20 to send accordions to UK and Ireland destinations. Other bigger instruments and global destination are more variable. If you email me with details of the instrument you are interested in and a rough guide on where you live, I can get you an exact figure. 

The courier companies I use most are:

The figures I have shown above are not inclusive of insurance, which I recommend, though the most of my clients are happy for me to post without this.  As a rule, I pack instruments wrapped in lots of bubble wrap, in strong cardboard boxes with polystyrene packing where needed.

What work is generally performed on an accordion before you sell it?

Each accordion that arrives into our workshop will have different needs.  However, most instruments will benefit from the following pamperings:

  • Many instruments will not have been opened in 20-50 years so we will take it apart and clean out all the accumulated dust
  • Bass and treble reeds will be cleaned, be adjusted so sounding fully and reeds will be checked and adjusted for tuning and tremelo
  • All valves will be inspected and weak or failing ones will be replaced
  • All air leaks will be repaired to ensure an air-tight instrument
  • Each instrument needs effective bass and bellows straps and where these are broken of weak, we generally replace them

So, in effect, we ensure that your instrument arrives in good working order and ‘ready to play’. A buyer may request to have reed tunings altered or bass keys rearranged and these will be done free, if a small job, or an additional charge may apply if a large one.

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