Hohner Pokerwork C/C#

This is a super playing Hohner Pokerwork in C/C#. There is a clear punchy sound from this instrument, just right for Irish playing. In addition to the normal service and tuning, I have done the following to prepare this accordion:
– Refaced the treble pallets to remove that clacking sound when you press a key.
– Limited the treble button action, preventing the buttons from sinking too far into the keyboard, enabling a smoother and faster technique.
– Replaced the treble grill fabric, giving the grill a fresh look.
– Put new bellows straps on.
– Replaced bellows paper were there was some wear from playing.
There are some cosmetic marks on the keyboard from playing eg wear to the wood varnish and a previous owner has covered the thumb strap holes with a strip of leather. None affect the playing at all.

Price: £480

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