Wheatstone Linota Anglo Concertina C/G

A Wheatstone Linota Anglos Concertina in C/G. Serial number is 34656 which places it as manufactured on 16 June 1937 with the word ‘Linota’ still faintly printed on the strap handle. This is the era, pre WWII, when the vastly superior Wheatstone reeds were is use. With relatively new 8 fold bellows, this concertina sounds great. The wooden ends and action are in great condition, but not consistent with a top of the range Linota, but if you are looking for a great sounding concertina for a lower price, then this would be a great choice. Ideal for a improver/intermediate player or advanced player looking for great sound and not pursuing super fast playing.

This concertina has steel reeds, mahagony ends, 32 buttons including a ‘C’ drone on left, hook action, weighs 1.2kg and is 160mm across ends. The concertina is in excellent condition.

Price: £3,000

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